Meet Mike Crofts

Former award winner, touring musician and session player, Mike has never been afraid of "the hustle". How did he find his way off the road and onto the path of helping others achieve financial freedom? 

Just after the financial collapse in 2008, Mike believed in the idea that he could borrow money to build wealth. However, he quickly found himself in a lot of consumer debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck, and not building any wealth at all. 

Seeking advice from a friend on ways to leverage more money, Mike was introduced to a different view of finance, one that built wealth without debt!

Mike is passionate about teaching others how to take control of their finances. Working through the process of getting on a plan, becoming debt free, and building long-term wealth, Mike's message is simple. Be intentional, work a plan and live debt free!

Mike is a certified financial coach and dynamic speaker on the topic of finance. Passionate about teaching strategies he used to beat debt and win with money, Mike Crofts equips and motivates his audience on how to win with money, both in their lives and in small business.

Mike lives in Toronto with his wife Stephanie and three daughters, Rhyen, Jamie and their newest addition Lenni.

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